What do you need to consider when planning to have a new roof installed onto your property?

Planning restrictions
If your property is a listed building or in a conservation area there may be rules governing how your new roof can be installed, often you will need to match the tiles/slates to the

Tiling and Slating
It is important that if your roof is giving you problems, you consider new roofing. A new roof will provide you with 100% protection for your home. An average roof life span is around 70 years depending on the quality of the roofs material and environment. Our roofing specialists will be able to advise and work with you in choosing your new slate/tile roofing out of a variety of colours and materials. We will help you decide on what will look and function best with your property.

Fibre Cement Slates
Fibre cement slates are an economical solution to basic roof slates. They are an attractive alternative for those specifying slate or cladding. Original slates can sometimes break easily due to bad types of weather. When it comes to fibre cement slates, each slate is riveted down to prevent wind entering the underneath and making the slate weak.

Welsh Slate
Our welsh slates come in various shades of colours and sizes. We also have other ranges of similar slates to the welsh. Our staff will be able to help you on deciding which slate to choose in regards to your personal preferences and the style you are aiming to achieve.

Spanish Slate
The Spanish slate in an extremely high quality and attractive option. It is more dear then our other slates, however has an outstandingly beautiful finish. The alternative slates which are similar to the Spanish slate is the Brazilian slate, Canadian trinity and Chinese roofing slate.

Melbourn Interlocking Slate
The melbourn interlocking slate has been developed to supply a lightweight alternative to the natural slate. It has one of the fastest slate fixing methods, providing inexpensive installation costs. It resembles natural slate in composition and form, but is easier and faster to install.

Roof Tiling
We offer different types of tiled roofs, ranging from clay tiles to manmade concrete tiles. To give your roof a clean cut and modern appearance, you can have dry verge and dry ridge systems installed. We can secure ridges and verges with a traditional mortar.

All of our roofing work is guaranteed and comes covered with public liability insurance. We have a highly skilled team of professionals working at hand, specialising in different types of tiles and slates.

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If you're in need of a new roof, you should also consider the rest of your roofline, which is typically the fascias, soffits, cladding, bargeboards and guttering. Soffits are the boards underneath the fascias that 'plug' the gap between the wall of your property and your fascia boards. It's advisable to replace your fascias, soffits and guttering at the same time as having your new roof replaced as this will save you the cost of putting up separate scaffolding to and access equiptment to replace them at a later date. If your current UPVC Fascias, Soffits, Cladding, Bargeboards and Guttering are in adequate condition at the moment, this will not be necessary.
Chimney Stacks
If you have an existing chimney stack that is not in use, this can be removed. If we do this at the same time we are building your new roof, this can be typically be done fairly inexpensively. However, if it is in need of repair, chimney stacks may need repointing with new materials to retain their stability.
Roof lights and Velux Windows
If you've considered installing a roof light or Velux windows to bring natural light into your loft space or even through your loft into another room, it's also a good idea economically to get these done while the access equipment is already in place and we are currently working on your new roof.

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If you have already noticed problems  with your roof, its best to get it fixed as soon as possible so that you won't end up having more severe and unnecessarily expensive problems in the future.

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