The ever changing British weather is predictable for its unpredictability. High winds, snow, heavy rain and occasional outbreaks of sunshine can take its toll on any property. Although it's advisable to regularly check your home for repairs all year round, it's a must to do it before the winter starts to set in as by then it could be too late to make repairs.

We can carry out annual roof surveys to make sure your roofline products are up to the job which involves inspecting UPVC guttering, cladding, fascia boards, barge boards and soffits to check for blockages and damage to make sure you won't be faced with having to call us out for an emergency roof repair when your roofline gets to an unhealthy stage, costing you a lot more money.

If you're at the stage where you upvc soffits and fascias, gutters, cladding and bargeboards need repairing or replacing, then it's time to get Perfect Nest Home Improvement in for a free quote.


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UPVC fascias and soffits are there to protect your home. They shield your home, the roof rafters and joists from the sometimes unforgiveable British weather. If you don't pay enough attention to the condition of your fascia boards and soffits, then you could be facing structural damage to the unseen roof parts of your roof, and eventually your home.

When looking at fascia's and soffits it often look as though they simply need a new coat of paint,

High winds can easily scatter leaves and debris which end up blocking your Gutters and drainpipes; And once the rains eventually arrives the water can't get past the blockage and ends up running down the side of your property causing stains, unsightly marks, and the erosion of your walls. Ineffective gutters and downpipes along with heavy rain over a period of time can also lead to issues with your barge boards, fascia board, cladding and soffits.

Many homes still have their original wooden or metal fascia boards, Gutters and soffits as they were believed to last for years. They do need maintenance however and as they are at the frontline of the war against the elements, their exposed position eventually leads to damage and necessary repairs.

If your home still has its original fascias and soffits then it's likely they were manufactured from wood. Once the paintwork or varnish is damaged on wood, it leads to cracks and splits, then becomes warped and eventually rots. This is not just a concern that your home is less secure against the elements but it will also decrease its value.

We only supply and fit UPVC fascias, Gutters and soffits for your roofline products. These products resolve all of these problems as they offer a maintenance free option with no painting or varnishing required. They are extremely durable, able to withstand the harshest of winters for many years, and work out highly cost efficient over the long term.

Our UPVC Roofline products are available in a huge range of colours to compliment the appearance of your home and match your existing windows and doors. We will supply a range of soffits that perfectly complement our fascia boards and give your roofline a very attractive, modern and clean finish. Its often wise to choose between our varied utility boards, vented boards or lightweight hollow soffit boards is as getting these fitted at the same time will work out cheaper for you in the long run.
The soffit and Fascias systems installed by Perfect Nest Home Improvements incorporate built-in ventilation slots to ensure your loft is well ventilated at all times. This will help to prevent common damp issues and protect your roofs rafters from rot. However old your property or even a new build, we can provide a maintenance free solution to suit both your budget and your needs.

When it comes to our maintenance free UPVC Fascias and Soffits, Guttering and Downpipes, Bargeboards and Cladding, no job is too small...we can provide a solution for homeowners as well as commercial properties.


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